Commercial flat roof crowded with HVAC units and walkways, among signs of ponding water
Commercial Flat Roof Crowded With HVAC Units And Walkways, Among Signs Of Ponding Water

You cannot beat Spokane Roofing Company’s commercial roof inspection and maintenance program, the closer we get to winter and the extreme weather it brings. Anyone with a commercial building should be on our program. We come to your business twice a year, conduct a thorough analysis of your roof and its unique conditions. We provide you photos, a detailed inspection report, and a list of any repairs that are necessary.

There are just so many advantages to taking care of your roof and so many potential problems if you do not. Our goal is to protect our customers by doing the hard work for you, when you have a contract with us. You’re under our protective umbrella; that’s the way we do business.

Our regular roof inspections find small problems before they become large ones. As a business owner myself, my biggest worry is the slow leak that I don’t find right away. Slow leaks eventually destroy roof sheeting, ruin insulation on and under the roof deck, cause structural damage and encourage the development of mold. These are things you won’t know until we inspect your roof.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

During Your Commercial Roof Inspection

We get into those hard to access areas that you cannot. We start by checking and cleaning all your drains. When leaves, pine needles or other debris plug your drains, you no longer have a roof; you have a swimming pool. In winter, your rooftop swimming pool becomes a frozen pond. Neither scenario is good.

In our climate with its weather extremes, it is especially important to probe your membrane roof’s heat-welded seams. Expansion and contraction as temperatures change can create heat breaks or air voids. Water in the air void expands into ice in freezing temperatures, often unzipping a roof at the seams. We repair minor voids and alert you to larger repairs.

We also check for damage around rooftop HVAC units. Even the most conscientious worker can drop tools that penetrate your TPO or PVC single-ply membrane roof, resulting in slow leaks.

Who Needs Commercial Roof Maintenance?

Every commercial building owner needs roof maintenance. It is critically important to do regular inspections and make minor repairs. Owners pay the price down the road, when they fail to get out in front of these issues. Like most people, building owners and managers are rarely up on their roofs, making it is easy for problems to develop unnoticed.

Here is another benefit: Spokane Roofing Company’s inspectors are GAF Certified Maintenance Professionals. If you have a GAF commercial roof installed on your building, our semi-annual inspections can extend your roofing materials warranty and the life of your roof.

GAF® Master Select™ Commercial Roofing Contractor

Serving All Building Owners

Spokane Roofing’s goal is to provide a genuine service to our community. We want to make it easy for all building owners to protect their investments, and to help keep them from learning expensive lessons the hard way.

Our commercial roof inspection and maintenance customers do not have to remember to have their roofs checked. We track our customers with, the premier customer relations management service. Salesforce schedules your next inspection and prompts us to send an inspector to your business.

Regardless of who installed your commercial roof, Spokane Roofing Company’s commercial maintenance program protects your business by protecting your roof. No regrets.

Join SRC’s Commercial Roof Inspection and Maintenance Program

Join our inspection and maintenance program today. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your building’s roof is inspected regularly. Call Spokane Roofing at (509) 838-8633 to schedule your inspection now and every six months thereafter. Does your roof already leak? Then browse our full list of commercial roofing services and roofing systems.