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Roof Asset Manager – Commercial Roof Recover

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Commercial, GAF, Roof Asset Management

I want to write a little bit about what it means to be a Roof Asset Manager, not just a roofing contractor. The difference between the two is important for commercial customers.

A roofer can repair a damaged flat roof, recover it, or install a new one. Those skills are only one part of what it takes to be a Roof Asset Manager. At Spokane Roofing Company, our business is built on relationships. Our promise to our customers is straightforward: we will take care of your roof so that you do not have to. Everything we do is in support of that promise.

Roof Asset Managers Deliver Results

We deliver the following results to our roof asset management customers:

  • A simplified customer experience
  • Effective and efficient work
  • Excellent value.

Our customers trust us with their commercial buildings. We give them the right roofing system, no matter how simple or complex the scope of the work. The commercial roofing industry, like many others, has changed with technological advancements. We make it our mission to educate ourselves so that we can help our customers to make educated choices. To that end, we do continuous in-house training, and take advantage of both electronic and traditional opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

It is important to me that we build the business the right way, by being reputable and honest. Long-term client relationships are important to us. Those relationships are built by taking care of our customers, year after year, decade after decade.

The best way we can care for our customers is through our service and maintenance agreements. They provide regular inspections and allow us to discover small problems before they become larger and more expensive. Those agreements and the benefits they provide to our customers are a continuous and evolving part of Spokane Roofing Company. They are a way to grow our business at the same time we establish lasting relationships.

We depend a great deal on our Director of Sales to shape and market our service contracts. He and other key executives recognize that those agreements and the relationships they build are the optimal path to customer success. If all we do is slap a new roof on a building, then we are no different from any other commercial roofing contractor. Our service agreements elevate our business and our customers’ results.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

World Wide Group Commercial Roof Recover Project

One example of the roof asset management service we provide is a roof recover project at the World Wide Group building in the Spokane Valley. We have worked with the building owners on maintenance and repair work over the last few years. The building had needed a roof recover for a while, but it was not in their budget. Until it got funded, Spokane Roofing focused on repairs to minimize leaks and the invasive nature of any other damage.

Roof Recover Project Materials And Suppliers

We used the following materials to install a GAF EverGuard® TPO Single-Ply Membrane Roofing System over a hot mop, built-up roof of tar and felt materials:

Convoy Supply Ltd. in Spokane Valley, WA supplied all of the GAF roofing materials. Rolled Steel Products (RSP), Inc. in Spokane, WA supplied the metal coping cap.

GAF® Master Select™ Commercial Roofing Contractor

World Wide Group trusts us. We worked hard to earn and to keep that trust, and the confidence that comes with it. Spokane Roofing’s corporate values and culture are designed to ensure that we deliver top quality work, in a way that customers know they are getting the best roofing system and service. We want them to have the same positive experience with everyone on our staff.

Experience The Roof Asset Manager Difference

Our company has been serving the Greater Spokane area since 1907. A business does not have that kind of long-term presence without having done it right. I believe in my heart that we are the best at what we do. I am 100% proud of the way we do it. Any commercial roofing contractor can say he is a Roof Asset Manager. You had better have an asset management system in place to backup that claim, and we do.

Call Spokane Roofing today at (509) 838-8633 to signup for a commercial roof service and maintenance agreement. Experience the difference between a commercial roofer who focuses solely on a job and a roof asset manager who builds long-term client relationships.