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Be Proactive About Your Roof

by | May 25, 2017 | Commercial, Roof Asset Management

Better late than never is something you never hear a reputable commercial roofer say. If a building owner waits until something goes wrong with a roof, it might already be too late to save it. You must be proactive.

Most building owners and property managers are smart; they know how to take care of their buildings. They either learned from other peoples’ mistakes, or they got smart by making mistakes that could have been prevented. That usually means they put off fixing a small problem that eventually turned into a bigger, more expensive one.

The best advice I can give an owner is to be proactive. The prime roofing season in the Pacific Northwest lasts from April through October. If a project is not on the books by the end of June, you might miss that window. The premier, commercial roofing contractors are always booked out several months, even years, in advance. If a roofing company tells you they can get to your big job right away, that generally means you are hiring the wrong contractor.

There’s no substitute for experience. Spokane Roofing Company has been in the commercial roofing business for over 100 years. We have built a reputation for being honest and candid. We have relationships with many people in the community, because that’s what our business is about: serving our community.

We want to make sure that all of your roofing needs are met and that you don’t have to worry about your roof. That’s why our service and maintenance agreements are such an important part of our business. It’s important to have your roof inspected on a regular basis, because roofs deteriorate over time.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

We Are Roof Asset Managers

We are not just commercial roofers at Spokane Roofing Company, we are roof asset managers. This elevates caring for your building to a whole new level. You receive:

  • Regular inspections as part of our commercial roof service and maintenance program
  • Clear, timely guidance about important repair versus replacement decisions
  • All the information you need to make an educated decision about your roof.

Spokane Roofing’s most important job is not to sell our customers, it is to educate them. We want to teach them what they need to know to make smart, informed decisions. We want them to learn from other peoples’ mistakes instead of making their own. Education enhances both our business performance and our clients’ experiences. I believe education is why we have long-term relationships with so many people in our community.

Avoid Band-Aid Repairs When Possible

Repairs are often band-aids, offering a temporary solution. We work with owners to determine what repairs their roof might need, or whether it finally needs to be replaced.

Salal Credit Union logo with green leafA new roof sometimes is not in this year’s budget. We do what we need to do to help an owner, including referrals to Salal Credit Union for a small business loan. Either way, repair or replacement, Spokane Roofing’s customers are going to get our best work.

Technical Advances Do Away With Better Late Than Never

Technical advancements in the last 20 years have made the roof asset management process much easier for consumers to understand. Spokane Roofing Company utilizes all the latest technology to help clients see exactly how their roofs are being managed. We use real-time photographic documentation, video, and electronic reports to help make every transaction seamless for our clients. Our in-house training program is accelerating in order to stay a leader in the commercial roofing industry.

Experience And Reputation Matter, Too

It is important in a competitive business to create a point of differentiation. I believe that our integrity and professionalism are what set us apart. When you buy from Spokane Roofing Company, you are not just buying a roof, you are buying our experience and our reputation in the community. It is difficult for anyone to match our prominence and our results.

Be Smart, Be Proactive

Call Spokane Roofing at (509) 838-8633 today to signup for a commercial roof maintenance agreement. Get the insights you need to make a smart, roof repair or roof replacement decision. Waiting until better late than never might be too late and certainly will be more expensive. So, call now and be proactive.