Commercial Roof Service

Responsiveness, integrity, and craftsmanship are the three keys to success of our commercial roofing service.

Keeping your commercial roof watertight is Spokane Roofing’s highest priority with minimal disruption to your business.

Watch how Spokane Roofing’s Commercial Roof Service performs flat roof maintenance. Learn about the materials, tools, and accessories required to do the job safely and efficiently.

Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance Service

Problems Commercial Roof Service Can Address

  • TPO Single-ply cuts voids – patched
  • Metal Flashing Coping – Repairs
  • Mastics and Sealant Patches on cracks

Silicon Coatings to extend existing roof life. Spokane Roofing uses roof coatings to extend the lives of existing metal roof systems. To seal leaks around grommets, SRC applies Henry® and Karnak® aluminum roof coatings, or GAF Topcoat, a fluid-based rubber system. When sealants are not enough, retrofitting a commercial metal roof with TPO is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire metal roof.

Screw replacements

Inspections to assess your roof

Commercial Roof Inspection, Maintenance and Cleaning Programs

SRC typically checks and cleans commercial flat roofs twice a year, in March and November. Drains and scuppers frequently become clogged with debris and need cleaning. A regular Commercial Roof Inspection Service can determine the need for updated insulation, as well.

Commercial Roof inspections are about prevention and detection. It is important to identify damage to vulnerable membrane roofing systems. TPO, PVC, EPDM and KEE roof punctures can compromise an entire roofing system, including rigid insulation. Spokane Roofing offers Roof Asset management as a premium roof inspection and lifetime management service.

Existing Roof Repair, Recover, Replacement (Re Roof), Demolition and Asbestos Abatement

Roof repairs are cheaper than roof replacements, so proactive maintenance is a wise strategy. Recovering your roof is the next best option, because it leaves the existing roof in place, saving time and money. When your roof must be replaced, Spokane Roofing has the experience and expertise to do the job right. If asbestos were found, SRC is fully certified in Asbestos Abatement during the roof demolition process.

Manufacturer Warranty Work

Spokane Roofing Company maintains commercial roofing contractor certifications with premier roofing manufacturers, including GAF, Versico Roofing Systems, Firestone Building Products, FiberTite and Metal Sales.

Insurance Work

Spokane Roofing Company works with local emergency response crews, typically Servpro® and ServiceMaster®, when same-day response is necessary. Insurance claims adjustors join with SRC and business owners in this process.

Dedicated Roof Leak Repair Response Division

Spokane Roofing maintains a 24-hour emergency response hotline linked to key company personnel, when you require immediate roof leak repairs

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Our goal is to

maintain your roofing system to achieve maximum life

Our maintenance program we will help reduce the costs for roof repairs that will arise without proper upkeep.

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