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Roofing Industry Emphasizing Maintenance And Repair Services

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Commercial, Commercial Roof Service, Industrial, Spokane Roofing

I said to a friend the other day, We’re in interesting times. When I thought about it later, I realized that was the understatement of the year, because most of us have never experienced anything like the past 12 months. Personally and professionally, it seems that everything has changed.

That includes the roofing industry, and I am not just talking about Spokane Roofing Company. The industry has seen a significant shift in client needs, and the contractors who are successful have adjusted to that shift, making the transition from an emphasis on roof replacement to maintenance and repair.

The roofing industry is strong right now in residential, but there are many factors that have negatively impacted commercial business owners. With all the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, owners are holding off on replacing their roofs until there is water dripping on their customers. And that is not much of an exaggeration!

Those owners are neither stupid nor negligent. They know that they must maintain and protect their investment, so the shift we have seen is more of a pause. Roofing is typically at the bottom of the list until there is an emergency, but that does not mean that problems can be ignored. We expect a surge in repair and maintenance that will probably last for another year before we see an uptick in full roof replacements.

At Spokane Roofing Company, we have a substantial client list, and as always our priority is to keep our clients informed about changes and developments in the industry. Adjustments are required to educate and develop our delivery platform, and we want our client base to know what is going on. Everybody who is not a current client is a potential client, because we all need shelter and a roof over our head, whether it is commercial or residential.

Right now, we don’t charge for commercial roof inspections. We have roof reporters whom we teach the best way to inspect a roof and give customers viable solutions to fix their problems. We provide them with options and a written estimate proposal. We’ve expanded our service fleet to accommodate additional repair work, and we have a deep bench of experienced, highly-trained roofers who can share their expertise.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

The shift from replacement to repair has also required that we continue to educate our staff. Our weekly meetings include safety instruction, training videos, and discussions about the technical aspects of our work. We encourage engagement with all our employees, giving them a voice in the company. Good communication is not just a precursor to success in business, it is foundational, and helps to build relationships and self-confidence that go beyond the workplace.

Honesty continues to be our most important core value, and clear communication is a crucial component of that. You find out whether people are okay by talking with them; the way we treat each other, and our customers benefits our company and our community.

Good things come from facing challenges, and everybody has faced more than their share of challenges in the last year. What we have learned from that at Spokane Roofing Company is that we always need to adjust and be ready for change. We need to learn to accommodate the new future, and evolve as the world evolves.

We can only control our little corner of the world, and as Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven said, If you want to change the world, start by making your bed. Great advice for everyone, do the little things right and the big things will tend to take care of themselves.

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