Modern, Two-Story Residence - Spokane, WA
Modern, Two-Story Residence – Spokane, WA


Calling reputable roofing contractors for estimates is the easy part of getting a new roof. Making the right choice is where things get difficult. A good place to start is the Better Business Bureau website, which indicates whether businesses are accredited with the BBB (We are!).

How a contractor produces an estimate is an indication of the quality of work you can expect. Good roofing contractors ask you questions about your existing roof and your expectations for a new one. They are willing and able to answer all of your questions. Reputable roofers respect your time by using their own equipment. They keep your lawn or premises clean, when they come for the estimate. Any roofing contractor who does not do these things during the estimation process is unlikely to leave a clean worksite when work finishes.

What clients say about a roofing contractor is another indication of the quality of roof you can expect. Consult trusted reviews on websites such as Angie’s List. Be skeptical of anonymous reviews, because they might be fake or altered from the original content. In addition, be wary of businesses that offer rewards to their clients for writing reviews. This practice casts doubt on the authenticity of the reviews and violates the terms of use for reputable websites.

Finally, ask your neighbors, clients and suppliers whom they recommend for a new roof. Keep a keen eye out for roofing projects in your area. After a project is finished, speak with the homeowner or business manager. A first-hand account of a residential roofing contractor’s performance is golden and could save you thousands of dollars in rework.

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