Homestead Townhouses After Shingle Roof Replacement Project Completion - Liberty Lake, WA

Homestead Townhouses HOA Roof Replacements

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Commercial, Commercial Roof Replacement, Residential

Nicole Sitton guest authors this article about a recently completed commercial reroofing project for Homestead Townhouses HOA in Liberty Lake, WA, a job with lots of moving parts.

Spokane Roofing Company®, LLC did a complete roof tear off and replacement on all five buildings, twelve garages, and one pool house in the townhouse community. The existing shingle roofs had sustained severe damage resulting in leaks and water damage from a catastrophic hailstorm in August, 2022. The officers of the community Homeowners Association (HOA) did not waste any time getting bids for the work, contacting us as soon as two months later.

Insurance covered most of the damage, so we had three parties involved in the process. That typically makes everything more complicated. Insurance companies try to go with the lowest bid, but an HOA’s first priority is to protect its members. HOA’s don’t always get many Attaboys! In this case, the Homestead Townhouses HOA did a great job for its residents and was wonderful to work with from the very start.

Nicole Sitton, Commercial Roofing Coordinator, Spokane Roofing Company

That does not mean it was easy to get everyone on the same page all the time, even after the project was completed. Like the HOA, our priority in a job like this is to make it easy for the homeowners and negotiate with the insurance company on a fair price.

Insurers do not always see the scope of work and price the same way, but Spokane Roofing’s reputation has us well-positioned for those difficult negotiations. The last thing anybody wants is a one-off roofer who may get a job and then disappear in a year or two. We have been in business for more than 110 years. Insurers have come to respect our work, and our customers know that we will fight to get them what they need. In this case, what they needed was a complete two-layer tear off and replacement installation that would meet all building code requirements. We had to replace fascia, shingles, vents, flashing, and gutters.

Townhouses Reroof Project Major Materials List

Homestead Townhouses HOA received a lifetime limited warranty from IKO, complementing Spokane Roofing’s craftsmanship and professional installation.

  • IKO® Cambridge® architectural roofing shingles (totaling 36,000 square-feet)
  • IKO StormShield® ice and water underlayment.

The HOA got a couple other bids at the outset, but our experience in working with insurers and our reputation for excellent customer service were crucial in their decision. We had numerous meetings with HOA officers even before we started. We then went building-by-building with inspectors and technicians to review the damage. Needless to say, there were lots of emails between the HOA officers and Spokane Roofing.

Because we pride ourselves on our customer service, we had someone on site daily to answer residents’ questions. The location of garages in front of the residential buildings complicated the work. We used a telescoping forklift to get materials over the garages and to/from the townhouse roofs. In a big job like this, with substantial tear-off debris, we had residents move planters and other movable objects to avoid damage. We let homeowners know when we would be working on their building and how long that work would take. There were lots of walkthroughs and plenty of moving pieces. Everyone was happy in the end.

Scope And Scale Of August 2022 Hailstorm Damage

What kind of roof damage does a hailstorm cause? A hailstorm breaks down shingle granules, leading to roof failure and water intrusion.

Spokane Roofing worked on six commercial properties and over fifty residences damaged by the August 2022 hailstorm. We completed as much of that work as we could before winter, touching base with our customers to keep them informed about our timeline. When we could not complete a project before winter, we had permits and materials in place, so we were ready to go as soon when weather permitted. We did patchwork and repair when necessary. Hail damage is insidious because it does not necessarily show up right away. Damage can take a few rainfalls and a roof inspection to reveal itself. We hit the ground running in Spring 2023, while newly discovered hailstorm damage overwhelmed unprepared, local roofing contractors.

Preparation And Communication Key Success Factors

Preparation and communication are key before, during, and after a job. No roofing project ever goes exactly as planned, so the ability to adapt to changing conditions is crucial. That is where Spokane Roofing Company is at its best. Call Spokane Roofing today at (509) 838-8633 to schedule a free commercial roof inspection and a free estimate. Let us restore watertight integrity to your townhouse’s roof and peace of mind to your HOA residents.