Malmstrom Air Force Base (AFB) Housing New Construction

Malmstrom AFB housing public works projectWhile Spokane Roofing Company owner Jeff Sitton is proud of all his company’s accomplishments in the roofing industry, he was especially satisfied with the 2012 public works project at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana, where SRC roofed 19 new two-story duplexes for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

The seven-month housing project employed 4-10 roofers, applying several thousand square feet of roofing as each new building was completed by Garco Construction, the general contractor. Spokane Roofing used 30-year PABCO® Premier® laminated fiberglass roofing shingles from Acker Supply in Great Falls.

The difference in new commercial construction is all in the timing, said Sitton. We need to coordinate our efforts with the general contractor. It is important to dry in (install the underlaying) as they complete each new building. Basically, they build it, and we roof it right away.

Not every roofing contractor does it that way. On a project involving multiple structures, many roofers will wait until several are completed before they begin their work. That saves money for a roofing company, Sitton said, because it is more cost-effective to do several roofs at once. But, building materials can deteriorate when they sit around in unpredictable weather, so we dry in as we go, and there is never a delay for the customer. I think that is where we are different – we are always going to do the right thing by the customer.

That approach also helped insure that the project completed on budget and ahead of schedule, an important factor heading into a Montana winter.

One unique challenge of the Malmstrom project was the demanding specifications. The customer was the United States government, and there were inspections every day. Spokane Roofing met that challenge, passing every inspection with no callbacks.

Sure, I was nervous before we started the project. I knew that we had the skill, the labor, and the equipment to do the job, but I also knew that we would be under intense scrutiny every step of the way. Completing that project successfully was a huge accomplishment. It was very rewarding to me both personally and professionally. – Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Jeff Sitton, Owner Spokane Roofing

Sitton makes sure that the size of a project does not change his company’s approach. Spokane Roofing strives to be organized, efficient and to offer standardized procedures on every project, large or small. His business is here to serve the community, he feels, and to be there when a customer needs him.

Spokane Roofing Company is uniquely qualified to take on public works projects as big as this one. SRC is licensed in three Northwest states: Washington, Idaho and Montana. In addition, it meets the bonding and insurance requirements that smaller companies cannot. That does not just happen. A strong business plan is critical to a successful company, and smaller companies often lack the resources to tackle large, commercial construction projects.

Spokane Roofing does not shut down during slower seasons, as many companies do. Bad weather might cause schedules to be rearranged, but Sitton’s goal is always to work around the weather and get every job done on target. It is not always easy to plan in this industry. Roofing is tough – people need it when they need it, so they cannot usually plan several months down the road. The Malmstrom project was an exception.

Quality, Safe, Efficient, Professional Work

The Army Corps of Engineers was obviously happy with Spokane Roofing Company’s work, and Garco Construction was pleased as well. Jimmy Fulton of Garco Construction offered this testimonial:

Your crew has been a great addition to our team. The quality of work and the safe, efficient manner in which every task is approached is a testament to the professionalism and pride your employees exhibit daily.

For Jeff Sitton, that says it all!

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