Spokane Roofing Company Construction Crew Moving Forward Amid Pandemic

Spokane Roofing Company Moving Forward Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Spokane Roofing

It is okay to mourn our losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. People are sick and dying all over the world; the illness is crushing economies and workers. Companies, families, and individuals are beginning to receive federal government assistance, but none of us knows whether we will ever get back to the old normal. Dramatic consequences lie ahead for the American economy, including millions of small businesses, Spokane Roofing Company among them.

For businesses to survive in this new environment, we are going to have to do things differently, adopt new practices, and develop new ways of delivering products and services to our customers. Spokane Roofing Company already had begun to streamline its business processes ranging from bidding to roof installation. We are working now to make things even more seamless, so that our customers feel safe and satisfied.

Moving Forward Amid Pandemic

I feel blessed in many ways. We can work during Washington’s stay-at-home order, because many of our roofing services are essential. Although the number of new projects has slowed, we have a backlog of work. Aside from that, our work is seasonal, so we are used to slow times of year. Nonetheless, this pandemic has affected us, and we have had to lay off some staff. Spokane Roofing Company has been around for more than 110 years, and we will make it through this challenge.

This is a time for business leaders to restructure and look at ways to move forward. We all need to figure out how to make things work, or we won’t be in business. We need to look at new models as a permanent shift that can improve our businesses in the long run.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Beneficial Changes Underway

There are a few ways in which we have shifted the way we conduct business, to benefit both our customers and our company.

Spokane Roofing has expanded its remote capabilities and made other adjustments to be more preventative in our work. That includes bidding, of course. We are also using Zoom video conferencing for meetings and more telephone contact. All our field work has shifted to paperless instructions and diagrams, so no paper changes hands. Our clean and uniformed employees arrive at your worksite in separate vehicles, as well.

The current situation has given us the opportunity to reexamine and reinforce our commitment to our core values. To that end, we are applying a free roof for one Spokane resident, someone working in the healthcare industry or other first responder services. We are asking business community leaders to recommend employees in need of a new roof via Facebook. We are looking for a deserving soul who would be burdened by the expense of a roof replacement. We are distributing promotional cards for roofing services discounts, too.

Get the Help Your Roof Needs

Homeowners and building owners rarely think about their roofs until age and weather force them. Roofing certainly is neither glamorous nor romantic. That is why we are here, to anticipate our customers’ needs and prepare to take care of them. All the new technology in the field is exciting, and we are open to trying anything that benefits our clients. I feel good about our reputation in the community and in the roofing market. We continue to sell what people want to buy. Everyone should know that Spokane Roofing does excellent work in a way that clients can feel good about their experience. Call (509) 838-8633 today to get the help your roof needs amid this pandemic.