Meet Nicole Sitton – Residential Roofing Coordinator

Spokane Roofing Company recently expanded family involvement in the business when co-owner Jeff Sitton hired his sister Nicole Sitton, as the Residential Roofing Coordinator. Nicole previously had developed and implemented work safety protocols for the company.

When the Residential Roofing Manager left the company, Jeff quickly recruited Nicole for a larger and more important role.

Personal Communication Is Key To Nicole Sitton’s Success

I kind of jumped into the deep end. I do a little bit of everything: selling jobs, writing up estimates, meeting with customers to talk with them about their roofs, putting together contracts, setting up inspections and permits, and working with our guys on the tear-off and application crews.

It was quite a learning curve for me, but working with my brother as my boss is cool, and my father (co-owner Dave) has been a great mentor. He knows everything about the business, and he’s outgoing and charismatic with customers.

I think that what I bring to the company is my ability to communicate with our customers. They know that I have their best interests at heart, and that I’ll always go to bat for them. Our business is built on personal connection. That’s what makes companies successful.

I’m good at meeting people and talking with them. Sales was a challenge for me at first, because there are always a ton of little pieces to line up. The roofing business is go, go, go, so I’m always on call. Even when I’m doing something else, my mind is always going.

Nicole Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Enjoying New Challenges

Roofing has traditionally been a male-dominated business, and Nicole was somewhat apprehensive about that when she took the new position. That anxiety didn’t last long, though.

Our crews have been very receptive, she said. They know their jobs well, and I touch base with our foremen every day. We have weekly meetings and daily conversations that include both the residential and commercial sides. I’m still learning something new every day, but it turned out that I didn’t really need to worry.

The thing about Jeff is that he treats everybody in the company like family. He’s not just their boss; he’s their friend. He genuinely cares about every person, and wants to help them succeed, no matter what their role is in the company.

It has turned out that Nicole does a little bit of everything for Spokane Roofing, and it’s obvious that she is enjoying the challenge of a demanding position. Communicating with customers, foremen, crews, and suppliers has her going all the time, and doing estimates is a huge part of her job. But there’s no doubt that she has justified her brother’s confidence in her ability to do it all.

Spokane Roofing Company is one of the area’s top roofing contractors, proving the point that a family business can be successful when it does things the right way. That includes commitment to a common set of values, making communication a priority, and having a unified vision for the company. Spokane Roofing gets an A+ on all three.

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