Park Heights Church Roof Replacement

Park Heights Church with a new, Chateau Green-colored roof and new cupolaInstalling a new roof on a commercial building with steep pitch always presents challenges, and Park Heights Church was no exception for Spokane Roofing Company®. But meeting that challenge – and others – made the completed job all the more rewarding for owner Jeff Sitton.

The steep pitch was just one of the factors that we had to address, said Sitton. Park Heights is an active church, with events for adults and children on a daily basis during the two-week project, and our goal from the outset was to not disrupt the normal operations of the church.

There are not many roofers in the Spokane area with the resources to tackle a commercial roofing job with the size and scope of Park Heights, but Sitton and Spokane Roofing did not hesitate to bid on it. And for Sitton, price is not the only consideration in a bid. He feels that equally as important is educating the potential customers with whom he is working.

Owners aren’t always sure what to ask about a job, he said, and I feel that it’s important for me to educate consumers about what they’re getting into. Questions will come up at some point during a job, so I feel that we might as well address them up front.

Spokane Roofing aims to be a one-stop shop for its customers. Everything from the permit process to demolition to the application of the new roof is handled in-house by a team of experts, including not only roofers but also employees experienced in light construction affiliated with roofing. Sitton does not use sub-contractors: If our name is on the job, I want it to be our work.

Spokane Roofing Company’s state-of-the-art equipment was critical to the success of the Park Heights project. A steeply-pitched roof with sharp angles provides both safety and application challenges, and Sitton holds daily on-site safety meetings with his roofers to assure that the job’s not only being well, but safely. At Park Heights, wind was an issue – there is rarely a calm day on the Palouse, and the church is located at the intersection of Freya and the Palouse Highway.

A mobile crane lifts the replacement cupola into place atop Park Heights Church

Materials for the job came from two local suppliers, MacArthur Co. – Spokane Valley and Allied Building Products – Spokane Branch (now Beacon Roofing Supply). Sitton used Chateau Green Owens-Corning TruDefinition® Duration® roof shingles for the roof. Park Heights Church also got a new cupola in the process. Spokane Roofing had to remove the old one, frame in that section, then build and install a replacement cupola using a mobile construction crane.

Care for the existing structure is also important to Sitton. At Park Heights, ladder standoffs were used to protect rain gutters. The company protects landscaping as much as possible, even utilizing large magnets at the end of each day, to pick up stray nails and other metal objects. Anything roofers disrupt during a job, they restore before the end of it.

Our policy is to follow professional procedures from the beginning of a project until it’s completed, Sitton said. We’re honest, and if we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. I think when consumers are looking for a new roof, price is not the only thing they are thinking about. They want a company with expertise, knowledge, and follow-through, and we provide all of that.

We go into a job self-sufficient. We provide all our own equipment, power, and facilities; because I do not think it’s professional to use the owner’s home or business for any of those things.

Park Heights wasn’t just a cosmetic job; we tore the old roof down to the deck. There were leaks everywhere in the old roof, and attempted repairs over the years had been unsuccessful. It was inconvenient for the congregation.

The way Sitton sees it, a new roof is not the only thing he is selling. What he is really providing is peace of mind for his customers, who after a job can live their lives without worrying about their roofs.

There’s nothing I enjoy more, he said. I think that we provide a valuable service, with quality products at a reasonable price, but the satisfaction I really get from this is knowing that we do things the right way, and knowing that our customers feel that way too.

Park Heights Church Pleased

Jerry Williams, Park Heights Building Coordinator at the time of the project, said that he and the congregation could not have been more pleased with Spokane Roofing’s work.

That old roof was a nightmare. After years of leakage and repairs, we decided that enough was enough. We needed to remove the old cupola and replace the roof. We got a very good product at a very good price, and the Sitton’s bent over backwards to work with us on every aspect of the job. They cleaned up the grounds every day, down to the last nail and old scraps of shingle, so things were always presentable for Sunday services. Everything about the project turned out great!

Call Spokane Roofing Company for Peace of Mind

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