Commercial Projects

Browse our gallery of Commercial Roofing Projects completed by Spokane Roofing Company® in Washington State, Northern Idaho and Western Montana.

Lidgerwood Medical Center TPO Roof Recover Project Aerial View, Spokane, Washington

Featured Project – Lidgerwood Medical Center TPO Roof Recover Project – Spokane, WA

The ideal solution when an owner has an outdated roofing system is to replace or recover it with modern products. That’s the definition of proactive roof asset management.
– Jeff Sitton, Owner – Spokane Roofing

Learn how Spokane Roofing Company recovered a hot tar roof with a TPO single-ply, membrane roofing system.

New Spokane County Medical Examiner Facility - Main Entrance

Featured Project – Spokane County Medical Examiner Facility Renovation – Spokane, WA

A regional medical examiner’s facility was a high-profile job, one that combined a total re-roof with the installation of architectural, metal wall panels, primarily over brick or exposed aggregate concrete walls. The finished project turned out beautifully. The customer was happy with the results, and we felt great about the quality of the work.
– Jeff Sitton

Discover how good relationships create good business, especially among subcontractors, general contractors, and roofing materials manufacturers.

Spokane Club Roof Replacement - Spokane, WA

Featured Project – Spokane Club Roof Replacement – Spokane, WA

Not only did it involve a complete demolition and removal of old roofing, but we had to conduct asbestos abatement.
– Jeff Sitton

Follow Spokane Roofing’s crews as they revealed decades of lost structural features atop the historic Spokane Club.

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Featured Project – Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Every flat roof leaks eventually, and it is hard to find leaks in a ballasted roof because you have to remove the rocks. In this case, the flat roof had been leaking for a long time, so there was quite a bit of interior damage as well.
– Jeff Sitton

Is your building’s leaky, ballasted roof interfering with your business?

Wasem's Drug & Home Medical - Clarkston, WA

Featured Project – Wasem’s Drug & Home Medical – Clarkston, WA

After 20 years, metal roofs will leak… Wasem’s had been living with major leaks forever…. Retrofitting a metal roof with TPO will eliminate leaks for 20 years.
– Jeff Sitton, Owner – Spokane Roofing

Learn how a retrofitted metal roof reduced the project cost and increased the insulation R-value for Wasem’s Drug.

Park Heights Church - Spokane, WA

Featured Project – Park Heights Church – Spokane, WA

That old roof was a nightmare. After years of leakage and repairs, we decided that enough was enough. We needed to remove the old cupola and replace the roof… Everything about the project turned out great!
– Park Heights Building Coordinator

Read how a new roof and cupola brought peace of mind to Park Heights Church.

Malmstrom Air Force Base Housing - Great Falls, MT

Featured Project – Malmstrom Air Force Base Housing – Great Falls, MT

Your crew has been a great addition to our team. The quality of work and the safe, efficient manner in which every task is approached is a testament to the professionalism and pride your employees exhibit daily. – Garco Construction

Learn how Spokane Roofing Company and Garco Construction teamed up to build new base housing at Malmstrom AFB.

Commercial Roofing Projects

Dave Smith Motors Chevrolet auto dealership – Kellogg, ID
Dave Smith Motors Dodge auto dealership – Kellogg, ID

Dave Smith Motors – Kellogg, ID

Spokane Roofing Company has completed several projects for Dave Smith Motors, most recently a new roof construction and a roof re-cover in Kellogg, ID. Both projects used Hunter Panels polyiso, rigid roof insulation panels beneath 60 mil, single-ply, Versico VersiWeld® TPO membrane roofing systems.

On the Chevrolet showroom – the new building – SRC owner Jeff Sitton used coping from Rolled Steel Products, a Spokane, WA company. Coping is the metal cap, or flashing, around the perimeter of a roof and caps the membrane of the roof.

Dave Smith’s auto dealerships have been great clients of ours and we have a long-standing relationship. We’ve done numerous projects for Dave Smith and feel privileged to work with them. – Jeff Sitton, SRC

Mor® Furniture – Spokane, WA

Mor® Furniture – Spokane, WA

The roof at the Mor Furniture store in Spokane seemingly had leaked forever. Numerous roof repair attempts by other companies had not solved the problem. Spokane Roofing worked with E M Construction Company of Spokane, WA on the sectional-replacement project.

We laid the roof, and the general contractor did the structural work. To get something like that really fixed, you need to know how a roof system works. We identified the issues from the previous work on the roof, analyzed it and repaired it correctly. This is a job where experience comes into play, and we have done that sort of work before. Matching sections can be a challenge, but we have the experienced craftsmen to get it done right. – Jeff Sitton, SRC

 Motel 6® – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Motel 6® – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Spokane Roofing worked with Bear State Development, which specializes in hotel and motel renovations. Re-covering Motel 6 Coeur d’Alene’s existing roof with polyiso insulation and a TPO roofing system presented major weather-related challenges. Winds approaching 70 miles per hour accompanied torrential rainstorms. So, protecting both roofers and roofing materials were huge considerations.

Unpredictable weather can happen any time of the year, so we are always prepared for anything. At the end of every day, we have to be ready for whatever happens during the night or the next day. Being prepared takes an organized, systematic and professional approach. We have job boxes for our equipment, and we protect roofing materials that cannot get wet. – Jeff Sitton, SRC

In addition to the adverse weather, the roof of the two-story building had no safety barrier. As a result, SRC’s roofers wore full-body harnesses and used rope restraints. The daily safety meetings were especially important.

 Sherwin-Williams® Paints – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Sherwin-Williams® Paints – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Sherwin-Williams Paints was a typical commercial roofing project: re-cover the roof with TPO roofing and apply new coping. While Spokane Roofing worked above, retail operations continued below. Roofing work finished on time and within budget.

Sonnenberg’s Market & Deli – Spokane, WA

Sonnenberg’s Market & Deli – Spokane, WA

Sonnenberg’s is the oldest meat market in Spokane, in business since 1891. Like many older buildings, Sonnenberg’s had numerous roof leaks over the years. The nature of the business made successful roof repairs critical. Large, flat-roofed buildings like Sonnenberg’s present special challenges. Without a systematic approach to drainage, ponding water will turn a roof into a swimming pool.

Old buildings settle, and we have to recognize the unique characteristics of each one. In order to shed water off the roof, we install a taper system, which typically is pre-engineered insulation ordered from the factory. Rigid insulation arrives in pieces, which we build up in one section of the roof and then taper down. This was another project where our craftsmanship and experience were especially valuable to our client’s success. – Jeff Sitton, SRC

Spokane Roofing used InsulFoam® expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation panels for this roof re-cover. This lightweight roofing insulation provided excellent moisture and thermal resistance.

St. Pius X Parish - Coeur d'Alene, ID

St. Pius X Parish – Coeur d’Alene, ID

For St. Pius X Parish Church, Spokane Roofing Company put flat roofing on a pitched roof. While this was not necessarily the norm, SRC’s Jeff Sitton felt a number of factors made TPO roofing the best choice. In particular, TPO’s lightweight design made it an attractive alternative to shingles.

A structural engineer must approve each re-cover of a commercial roof. The engineer determines whether the existing roof can handle the additional weight of the new roofing materials. SRC relies on the Spokane Office of TD&H Engineering to make sure its roof re-cover projects meet building code requirements for loading.

The Onion Restaurant - Spokane, WA

The Onion Restaurant – Spokane, WA

The Onion Restaurant required a full roof replacement. The project involved the tear-off, removal, and demolition of the existing roof, followed by the installation of new GAF roofing shingles.

Restaurant roofs are more complex than roofs of other commercial buildings. Numerous pieces of mechanical equipment penetrate the roof and exist in large equipment clusters. To accommodate these complexities, commercial roofers use a fluid applied system, or rubber roof coating, to provide a water barrier. This barrier helps to seal roof vents/penetrations and prevent leaks. Jeff Sitton puts it quite simply: We fill in the places where the water wants to go.

For The Onion Restaurant, Spokane Roofing used RC-2000 rubber roof coating from Inland Coatings and Roof Mate elastomeric coating from United Coatings. Application required meticulous attention to detail as roofers cleaned, primed and prepared the area around each vent/penetration.