Installing Single-Ply, TPO Membrane Roofing, Renovated Millwood Kindergarten Center

Public Works Building Renovation – Millwood Kindergarten Center

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Commercial, Commercial Roof Replacement, GAF

Now is the time of year when I look back at the work that Spokane Roofing Company has completed in the last 12 months. This year, I feel particularly good about the public works building renovation project at the Millwood Kindergarten Center, for both personal and professional reasons.

Personally, it meant a lot to me, because I have deep ties to the Spokane Valley. Growing up, we lived next door to Millwood Elementary School for a while. I played baseball there as a kid. I graduated from East Valley High School, and my kids go to school now in Liberty Lake.

Professionally, this public works project was rewarding, too. Millwood Elementary was built more than 75 years ago. Last summer’s roof replacement was its first complete abatement ever. Work began by tearing off layer after layer of old, built-up, hot-tar roofing.

We took it right down to the decking and beyond. By the time we were done, you could see the stars through what remained. Work progressed by putting up new interior metal walls and roof decking, installing multiple layers of insulation and a tapered roofing system, before the membrane roofing system was applied. It was a time-sensitive job; we were working for eight weeks to get the school ready in time for the kids.

Public Works Building Renovation Project Materials

Below is a list of roofing materials we used during the public works building renovation project at the Millwood Kindergarten Center, in West Valley School District:

GAF® Master Select™ Commercial Roofing Contractor

Convoy Supply Ltd. in Spokane Valley, WA supplied the polyiso roof insulation, roof board and TPO roofing materials and accessories. Professional Piping, Inc. and Pro Mechanical Services, Inc. were mechanical subcontractors.

Organization And Experience Tame Complexity

Looking back a few months, I can say that the project scope of work was one of the largest of the year. Opening up interior wall systems made it a big job. Working with the fascia and soffits added complexity. The fascia ran along the lower edge of the roof, while the soffits bridged the gap between the building’s exterior walls and the roofline. Both had to align perfectly.

Renovating the building envelope really demonstrated the breadth of our knowledge and depth of our expertise. The roof had leaked forever, resulting in years of interior damage and disrupting school operations. The center staff and students are going to love their new, leak-free school!

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Spokane Roofing Company was the general contractor on the Millwood job, which entailed increased responsibility for organization and coordination with subcontractors. We managed companies doing electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work, during renovation of the entire building. Spokane Roofing sets itself apart from other roofing contractors by having the financial capacity to bond big projects and the management experience to succeed.

Establishing good lines of communication on a project this big was critical to its success. Spokane Roofing Company is always proactive in its approach, whether we are the general contractor or operating as a subcontractor. Coordination and organization are two of our greatest strengths. We take whatever steps are necessary prior to the start of a job to ensure everything proceeds without a hitch. Passive companies often end up spinning their wheels for days, waiting for other trades to reach out. Lost time is money for both the contractors and the customer, and we respect their time.

I feel that a job has been successful if both parties are happy with the completed work. That is my expectation on everything we do, big or small. We have a longstanding relationship with the Greater Spokane community, and we will always provide quality work. I aim to serve our community in an honorable way. Public works projects give us a special opportunity to do that personally and professionally.

Focus On Education

Is a leaking roof affecting your staff’s ability to teach and your students’ abilities to learn? Then call Spokane Roofing Company at (509) 838-8633 to speak with our public works and building envelope professionals. We will fix your roof and allow everyone to focus on education.