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Downriver Pitched Roof Replacement

Pitched Roof Replacement Before
Pitched Roof Replacement After

New construction was uncommon during the Great Depression years. This beautiful 1930’s era house in Spokane’s Downriver neighborhood was an exception. The wood shake roof was approximately 30 years old, and lasted that long only because of the steep pitch, which protects vulnerable roofs from water, snow, and debris. Time eventually took its toll, and Spokane Roofing Company did a complete tear-off, installing a replacement roof using GAF Grand Sequoia® designer shingles.

It is a gorgeous house, in a great neighborhood, said Spokane Roofing owner Jeff Sitton, and we ended up doing several more roofing projects in the area. Neighbors noticed not only the appearance of the new roof, but also how we protected the landscaping and our workers, with trucks on site and harnesses worn on the roof. When people see the professional way we approach every project, they are confident that the job will be done right.

Sitton makes sure that his employees have the equipment to complete a job efficiently and safely, whether it is applying a new roof or repairing an old one. That might mean manlifts, scissors lifts, boom trucks and extendable forklifts for a steeply-pitched roof. It will always include ropes, harnesses, and anchors to assure worker safety. OSHA regulations are strict, and Spokane Roofing is compliant.

William’s Lake Residential Roofing Services

Residential Masonite roof at William's Lake before re-roofing
Residential roof at William's Lake after re-roofing with GAF Timberline shingles

This house at Williams Lake had a failing Masonite™ roof. Sitton has a lot to say about this product, because its premature failure was the target of a class-action suit. Masonite roofing is basically a synthetic, simulated wood shake. When the product was introduced to the residential roofing market, some 30 years ago, it had a 40-year warranty. Most Masonite roofs began showing signs of deterioration after only 15 years.

Spokane Roofing never applied Masonite roofs because, as Sitton says, We will never install products that have not proven themselves over 15 or 20 years. Masonite was an expensive product that sold on the high end of the residential market. Many roofing contractors jumped right onto the bandwagon.

We wait until a product is proven, because almost any roof will last 15 years. In the case of Masonite, we do not want to be associated with a $50,000 roof that fails after 15 years.

Spokane Roofing Company will never compromise quality to increase profits. Sitton always seeks to educate potential customers, so that they can make the best possible product choice.

Our reputation and character are on the line with every job we do; that is more important to me than the balance in my bank account.

Jeff Sitton, Owner Spokane Roofing

He is proud of the new GAF Timberline™ architectural shingles installed on this home, especially their aesthetic improvement of the roof. The dark color dramatically improved the appearance of the entire house.

Highland Estates Roofing Curb Appeal

Residential Masonite roof in Highland Estates before roof tear-off and replacement
Residential roof in Highland Estates after replacement with Presidential Shake TL shingles

Masonite roofing also was an issue on this home, located in Highland Estates off Hatch Road in Spokane. Original neighborhood covenants required installation of that product, permitting only one style and one color of shingles.

When shingles began to curl at the seams on numerous houses, the problem with Masonite quickly became apparent. Smart homeowners acted before the problem got worse.

There is no advantage to waiting once your roof starts to show decay, Sitton says. Leaks might not appear dramatic at first. When water seeps through shingles to underlayment, then insulation, you can end up having to replace the shingles and all the other layers of decking damaged by water intrusion. A savvy owner will see curling shingles as a problem that needs to be addressed right away.

Spokane Roofing replaced the curled Masonite shingles with CertainTeed Presidential™ Shake TL triple laminate shingles. These luxury shingles combined the look of cedar shakes with the performance of fiberglass composition roofing. The result was a high-integrity roof with outstanding curb appeal.

Professional Roofing Contractor

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