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Roof Asset Management Program Extends Lifespan

by | May 31, 2022 | Commercial, Industrial, Roof Asset Management

I am writing again about Roof Asset Management (RAM) because a regular inspection and maintenance plan is critical to extending the life of your commercial flat roof. Every flat roof should be inspected twice a year, and I want to get the word out.

Great Floors® specialty floor covering retailer is an example of a local company doing it right. Every six months, we inspect, maintain, repair, and submit a roof condition report. Great Floors does not have to do anything. They are a long-time client, and their operations team takes a common-sense, proactive approach to running each flooring store.

Roof Asset Management Protects Your Roof And Saves Money

Roof Asset Management is a critical element of protecting your roof, but it still is not talked about often enough; my goal is to change that. I want to educate business owners on the value of the plan, because with regular inspection, it can save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and extend the life of a TPO, PVC, or EPDM roof.

Inspection and maintenance simply have to be done; it is neglectful to think otherwise. When you are not preventative on your flat roof, you are wasting money. We see drains caked with mud. When that happens, there is no way that the drain system can work effectively. A clogged drain leaves water nowhere to go. Left long enough, water eventually will get into your roof structure, insulation, drywall, or worse.

We also look for damage to roof membranes, which can occur from something as simple as an object dropped on the roof. Besides inspecting the drains, we probe welded membrane seams for gaps. Most repairs occur on the same day as the inspections. All business owners have to do is to review a condition report twice a year. Our clients are grateful for the convenience of our RAM service, because we take care of everything to do with the roof, looking for deterioration and damage.

A Roof Asset Management Program differs from other types of asset management because a roofing manufacturer’s No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty requires twice a year inspections. Failure to inspect and maintain a commercial roof twice a year can void the warranty. Our roof asset management service protects your business and keeps your roof in compliance.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

An Asset Management Company

Spokane Roofing is now as much an asset management company as a commercial roofing company. When we install a new roof, we educate our clients, teaching them the best ways to take care of their roof between inspections. It can be a challenge to get the word out, but I am going to continue to beat that drum.

Commercial roofing companies come and go. By contrast, Spokane Roofing has built its reputation on more than 110 years of experience and integrity. Business owners often ignore taking care of a roof until it has an issue. That is why we work so hard on our roof management programs. We aim to show current and potential customers that RAM is not a gimmick, it is facts. We show them statistics and facts.

So many things can go wrong on a roof, and owners only get a short window of time to call us. Many building owners are not aware that roof manufacturers’ warranties may be voided, without twice-yearly inspections. Education is key to successful asset management.

Schedule A Commercial Roof Inspection

In the last few years, we have adapted Spokane Roofing Company to a changing business environment. Amidst this change, our core values have remained constant. You can rest assured that we will work with you to get longer life and less damage to your roof, because it is not a question of if but when you will need our roof asset management service. Call Spokane Roofing today at (509) 838-8633 to schedule a twice-yearly commercial roof inspection or speak with a roof manager.