Stacked schoolbooks in front of a green chalkboard, Weippe, ID
Stacked Schoolbooks In Front Of A Green Chalkboard, Weippe, ID

One thing I have learned during my time as the owner of Spokane Roofing Company is to prepare for change and change orders. A change order is a change to the contracted scope of work. When used sparingly, a change order can be the right project management tool for a successful commercial roofing project. That was never more evident than on a commercial PVC roof recover project we recently completed at Timberline Schools in Weippe, Idaho.

Timberline is a combined elementary and secondary school in Clearwater County. It was a big project with multiple challenges. We are pleased the District Superintendent was satisfied with our work. We always are happy when a client tells us we did a great job.

The two main challenges on the Timberline project were: 1) A project change order and 2) Limited mobile communications.

A Project Change Order

The original scope of work was to remove old membrane roofing and replace it. We discovered almost immediately that a layer of water damaged recover board had to be replaced. This change to the scope of work meant completing a change order and submitting it to the school district for approval. While waiting for authorization to complete the additional work, we mobilized and gathered the additional materials we would need.

A project change order can be a real setback for a roofing contractor, because a delay in any single project can ripple through other projects. The roofing season in the Pacific Northwest is a narrow one, before inclement Fall weather ends normal work. To keep quality high, you cannot just hire new employees when you get busy. Professional commercial roofers know you need a contingency plan for when change orders arise.

An expanded scope of work also meant there were budgetary considerations. Spokane Roofing recognized that our client had financial limitations and collaborated with the building owner to renegotiate the contract, because additional work was necessary.

We are happy to report that Timberline Schools approved the project change order. Here are the roofing materials we used on the project.

Project Roofing Materials

Convoy Supply Ltd. in Spokane Valley, WA supplied all of the project’s roofing materials.

Versico Roofing Systems

Limited Mobile Communications

The other challenge we faced was limited cellphone coverage. We had to prepare for anything when we headed to the worksite each day and be ready to adjust course on the fly. Our office and field teams worked well together, to make this project a success.

Dealing with the Unexpected

Encountering challenges during a project is never easy. Spokane Roofing Company has processes and systems in place that equip us to deal with the unexpected. Because no two jobs are ever the same, it starts with being well organized and provisioned. That means having the right people, equipment and vehicles you need to make a job successful, no matter what the circumstances are.

SRC has job trailers for all of our portable equipment. When we arrive at a jobsite, we are ready to get to work. When we finish at the end of the day, we don’t just throw everything in the back of a pickup and drive away. Our tools go back into the job trailers, ready for a quick start tomorrow. That saves time and money for the client and for us.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Our job trailers are one of the many things that differentiate Spokane Roofing from lesser commercial roofing companies. Almost anyone can buy roofing tools. Without processes and systems to use them wisely, they cannot succeed and cannot compete with us. And our goal is to do both!

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