Windstorm Apartment Roof Damage - Roofing Shingles Unzipped And Blown About

Windstorm Recovery Process

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Commercial, Commercial Roof Service, Residential, Trending

Adversity in the form of the unexpected will either reveal your strengths or your weaknesses, in life and in business. The windstorm recovery process beginning this week in Spokane, WA presents significant challenges — and opportunities — for Spokane Roofing Company.

It was chaos. Violent winds caused widespread blackouts, loss of life, and millions of dollars in structural damage. We probably got 1,200 calls since the storm.

The big thing in a roofing business like ours is to be organized and strategic. I feel that our company is handling it very nicely. We are doing our best to stay on top of things in a terrible situation and to make sure that our customers know we will take care of them.

The vast majority of damage from the windstorm are residential and apartment roof repairs, but at least a dozen commercial flat roofs lost huge sections. My advice for commercial building owners is to get an inspection as soon as possible.

After a major windstorm like this, everybody should be checking their roofs for damage. Missing shingles and torn sections of flat roofing are clear signs of major roof damage, observable from the ground. Owners cannot always tell whether the flashing or coping metal has been compromised unless they are on their roofs. I advise that owners leave that to the professionals, especially in Winter.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing

Property Damage Claims

Insurance coverage is a major component in any natural disaster recovery, and this wind event is no different. Spokane Roofing deals with insurance adjusters on a regular basis, working collaboratively to determine the scope and cost of a roof repair or roof replacement. Most insurers use the Xactimate® claims estimating software program to make quick and comprehensive estimates on property damage claims. Spokane Roofing Company works with adjusters and their Xactimate-based estimates to make the entire process as seamless as possible for the customer.

When someone loses part of a roof, it is an emergency situation. The worst-case scenario for homeowners or building owners is to have to wait for the roofing contractor and the insurance company to negotiate a claim.

We’ll Take Care of You

Our philosophy is the same in every situation — do what is right and necessary for our customer. We will sort the rest out later. We want people to know that the solution starts with a phone call. That is what gets things in motion for our customers. We want them to think of us as their advocate in the transaction. We are trustworthy. You call us, and we are going to take care of you.

Repairing roofs damaged by the recent storm will be a long-term project. In many cases, both commercial and residential, the windstorm recovery process starts with tarping. Tarps are a temporary solution until weather conditions improve enough to replace shingles or flat roofing systems. Work is slowed by cold and snow. Spokane Roofing wants its customers to know that even in the worst conditions, SRC will figure out something and get the job done right.

We are not storm chasers, nor are we going to take advantage of customers who are already struggling. Our pricing policies will remain consistent; we will continue to offer skill and craftsmanship. We are not going to change our mission because of the potential for more work. When you call us, you are getting someone who knows roofing and how to negotiate insurance claims.

Begin Your Windstorm Recovery Today

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