Green Bluff Grange #300 with new metal roof - Colbert, WA

Green Bluff Grange Roof Replacement – Colbert, WA

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Commercial, Commercial Roof Replacement, Spokane Roofing

The Green Bluff Grange Roof Replacement project in Colbert, Washington is a great example of work-life balance. It is my responsibility to ensure that Spokane Roofing Company® does well as a business, because our customers and employees all depend on us. It also is very important that we do good things in the community, where we conduct our business with honor and integrity. Mark Peterson and the KXLY Extreme Team helped us to further this balance at the Green Bluff Grange.

About Mark Peterson and the KXLY Extreme Team

We worked with Mark Peterson and the KXLY Extreme Team as part of a larger project to renovate the Green Bluff Grange. Mark assembles a team of volunteers every month to help individuals and programs in extreme need. And believe me, the Grange was a building in extreme need!

Mark and his Extreme Team coordinated everything for this renovation project, right down to the colors of the building. Mark is both a full-time TV personality and a part-time general contractor.

Our involvement began when a friend from high school contacted me. I had wanted for a while to get involved with the Extreme Team. Spokane Roofing already donates a lot of house roofs. This project was a way to help the Grange and the many people in the Green Bluff community. We donated all of our labor as well as some roofing materials.

The old roof had leaked for years, which wasn’t surprising, given its multilayered construction and decades of service. A leaky metal roof covered the original cedar shakes, which looked to be more than 100 years old. A steep slope roof and extensive scope of work challenged us to finish the roof replacement within a two-week schedule.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Green Bluff Grange Roof Replacement Scope Of Work

We started by tearing off everything, down to the roof trusses. Next, we installed new roof decking and sheeting. We finished with a new, 5,000 square-foot, Delta Rib metal roof, donated by Miramac Metals, located in Mead, WA. It was a physically intense project and required coordination with other trades. My sister Nicole, who is our Residential Roofing Coordinator, was the project manager.

Worker safety was a big consideration. We used ropes and harnesses because the roof was so steep. Safety is one area where you always want to have your ducks in a row; it is critical to our success.

Practicing Work-Life Balance

It is sometimes easy for business owners to get caught up in the bottom line, the financial end. My own views really have evolved over the years. I always received great satisfaction from knowing that we served our customers and employees well. What I discovered was how rewarding it is to give back to the community, to put a good roof over someone’s family, when they are in difficult financial circumstances.

What drives me are accountability and relationships: giving back to our employees and the community, while creating an environment where financial success is only one measure of worth. Thank-you Mark Peterson and the KXLY Extreme Team for including Spokane Roofing Company in this endeavor.

Extreme Team Project Update: The Green Bluff Grange Video

Get the Day One update from Mark Peterson and the KXLY Extreme Team, hard at work on their most recent project, revamping the Grange on Green Bluff (Video Transcript).