Fairchild AFB refueling tanker during takeoff with hangers in background

Public Works Roof Installation – Fairchild AFB

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Commercial, Commercial Roof Replacement, Versico

The path from bidding a roofing project to successful completion rarely follows a straight line. Experienced roofing contractors know to prepare for contingencies before work begins. That knowledge and preparation paid dividends on a recent public works roof installation project at Fairchild Air Force Base (AFB).

Replacing a 40-year-old, 30,000 square foot, rubber roof was a big project. The flat concrete roof deck had leaked for years, and was known to contain asbestos. A subcontractor removed the original tar and gravel roof, following rooftop asbestos-abatement protocols. They left us a clean roof deck on which to install a new EPDM membrane roof.

Public Works Roof Installation Project Materials

Below is a list of roofing materials we used at Fairchild AFB:

MacArthur Co. in Spokane, WA supplied all of the adhesives, insulation and EPDM roofing materials for this storage warehouse roof replacement.

Versico Roofing Systems

Spokane Roofing Expanding in Public Works

Spokane Roofing continues to expand its presence in all public works areas, including schools, post offices and airports.

Public works roof installations are high-profile projects with overlapping government jurisdictions. Each government entity has its own inspectors to account for every screw, every bucket of glue, and every roll of vulnerable, time-sensitive material, at every point in the project. Spokane Roofing Company thrives in this environment, every time.

Public works roofing projects are probably the most challenging. You must have the right organization, knowledge, technical skill, credibility and flexibility to succeed. Our commitment and willingness to go the extra mile by all Spokane Roofing Company’s employees is unequalled. We are equipped to do any public works project in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana.

Jeff Sitton, Spokane Roofing Company

Every Project is a Learning Opportunity

I write a lot about educating our customers to help them make informed decisions when buying a new roof. We continue to learn from every job as well. Project delays and the time lost to winter exclusion were major setbacks. I relearned a simple truth about Spokane Roofing on this one: When something goes sideways on a project, we just suck it up and do the job.

Our responsibility is to be there for our clients every day. We staff a job, work it and overcome obstacles. We are always going to be judged by the quality of our work. Dealing with adversity is just part of the program. Our customers are not interested in our problems. They just want to see a finished, professionally installed roof.

Evolution as a Building Envelope Contractor

Spokane Roofing continues to evolve as a building envelope contractor. That means more commercial, industrial and public works projects that help buildings to maintain a climate-controlled interior. Building energy efficiency is a growing concern for business owners and public works administrators. It is our concern, as well. Efficiency gains from building envelope projects often start with the roof. We encourage administrators to contact our energy efficiency team at (509) 838-8633, while planning their next public works roof installation and building envelope projects.