Commercial Roofing Services

Our Inland Empire commercial roofing services are unmatched for reliability and workmanship. We use only the top quality materials for commercial roof installation and repair.

  • TPO Single Ply Roof Systems (Manufacturer warranted)

    TPO membrane roofing is the most prominent type of commercial flat roofing system. It is white vinyl roofing, comes in rolls, and is mechanically applied, screwed down to the roofing deck. A single-ply, TPO membrane roofing system is the recommended replacement for hot tar, hot mop, built up and torch down commercial roofs.

  • PVC Membrane Roofing Systems

    PVC’s installation process is similar to TPO, and PVC roofing holds up better to chemical abuse than does TPO on low slope roofs. Call us for a free, commercial roof budget estimate.

  • Metal Roof Systems

    Metal roofs are a unique alternative to TPO/PVC membrane roofing systems. Options include standing seam metal roof systems in a variety of colors and finishes.

  • Commercial Maintenance Programs (Scheduled or Single Trips Available)

    SRC typically checks and cleans commercial flat roofs twice a year, in March and November. Drains frequently become clogged with debris and need cleaning. Commercial Maintenance Programs with their regular inspections can also determine the need for updated insulation.

  • Polyiso Rigid Insulation

    Polyiso rigid insulation is a low-cost, long-life product that is only replaced when a roof is replaced. Spokane Roofing assures that new insulation meets all code requirements.

  • Dedicated Leak Response Division

    Spokane Roofing maintains a 24-hour emergency response hotline linked to key company personnel, if your roof requires immediate repairs.

  • Existing Roof Repair, Recover, Replacement (Re Roof), Demolition and Asbestos Abatement

    Roofs repairs are cheaper than replacement, so proactive maintenance is a wise strategy. Recovering your roof is the next best option, because it leaves the existing roof in place, saving time and money. If your roof must be replaced, Spokane Roofing has the experience and expertise to do the job right. If asbestos is found, SRC is fully certified in Asbestos Abatement during the roof demolition process.

  • Extend Metal Roof Life With Coatings and Retrofits

    Spokane Roofing uses roof coatings to extend the lives of metal roof systems. To seal leaks around grommets, SRC applies Henry® and Karnak® aluminum roof coatings, or GAF Topcoat, a fluid-based rubber system. When sealants are not enough, retrofitting a commercial metal roof with TPO is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire metal roof.

  • Manufacturer Warranty Work

    Manufacturer Warranty Work Spokane Roofing Company maintains commercial roofing contractor certifications with premier roofing manufacturers, including GAF, Versico Roofing Systems, Firestone Building Products and FiberTite®.

GAF® Master Select™ Commercial Roofing Contractor
Versico Roofing Systems
Firestone Shield
FiberTite - Seaman Corporation - Intelligent Roofing Solutions
  • Sheet Metal Flashings, Copings And Gutters

    Every roof has eave edges and terminations. Spokane Roofing has an in-house metal shop to fabricate flashings and copings for commercial TPO roof systems. SRC is able to custom-bend flashings to meet all applications.

  • Public Works Projects

    Spokane Roofing Company has completed public works projects for Spokane Public Schools, the Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Air Force, Spokane Veterans Administration Hospital, Idaho Department of Transportation and Grant County International Airport (funded by the FAA).

  • Roof Cleaning and Inspection

    Roof inspections are about prevention and detection. It is important to identify damage to vulnerable TPO roofing systems. If left unrepaired, TPO roof punctures can compromise an entire roofing system, including rigid insulation.

  • Roof Snow Removal and Ice Dams (Maintenance Customers Receive First Priority)

    Maintaining free-flowing drains on a flat roof is critical. Freezes can be disastrous, creating pools, which can in turn cause a roof to collapse. Keeping your roof clear of snow and ice is an absolute necessity. Learn more about the benefits of Roof Snow Removal and pitfalls of Ice Dams.

  • Gutter, Soffit, and Fascia Installation

    Spokane Roofing Company provides aluminum and steel soffits at roof perimeters and eave edges, especially in conjunction with commercial TPO roofing systems. Older soffits may leak or rust, eventually needing replacement.

  • Insurance Work

    Spokane Roofing Company works with local emergency response crews, typically Servpro® and ServiceMaster®, when same-day response is necessary. Insurance claims adjustors join with SRC and business owners in this process.

Commercial/Business Roofing Projects

Browse our gallery of quality Commercial Roofing Projects completed by Spokane Roofing Company.

TPO Single-Ply Membrane commercial roof recover in Spokane Valley, WA
TPO Single-Ply Membrane commercial roof recover in Spokane Valley, WA

Last Modified: November 3, 2018